How to Change HEIC Photos to JPG on iPhone


We explain step by step how to change the format of iPhone photos and go from HEIC to JGP.

HEIC is superior to JPG in most respects, but it is not the most compatible format. And this is precisely its main problem. Several years have passed since Apple introduced this format on the iPhone, and its compatibility does not quite take off. Fortunately, iPhone can take JPG photos natively by changing some settings.

What is the HEIC format of iPhone photos?

HEIC is an image format Introduced by Apple in 2017 with the update to iOS 11. Also known as HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) for photos, and we also have the version for video, known as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) or as H.265. HEIC is a format designed to replace JPG as it includes numerous enhancements and benefits.

Photos in HEIC format occupy a smaller size and offer a similar quality. It is a format that supports transparencies, which can contain several images and thus offer Apple’s Live Photo functionality, and which, in addition, stores information about the editing of the image, such as rotation, cropping or filters, allowing the user to undo changes in the future.

Photos on iPhone

Therefore, it is positioned as an ideal format to use on mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad. The photos take up less space without reducing the quality, and allow us to undo the changes we make with the photo editors.

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How to change from HEIC to JPG format on iPhone?

Even though HEIC has proven to be a much more interesting format than JPG, the latter is still one of the most popular. If you want to make sure that when sharing your photos they can be seen on most devices, it is recommended that change the format in which photos are saved What do you do with the iPhone?

Fortunately, it is a setting that we can easily activate following these steps.

  1. Enter the iPhone Settings app.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Camera section.
  3. Inside you will find a section called Formats.
  4. Select Most Compatible.
  5. IPhone will stop using HEIF and HEVC and will use JPEG and H.264.

change HEIC to JPG format on iPhone

Change the format of iPhone photos

You have to keep in mind that This change does not affect the photos that we have already taken with the iPhone and have saved, this affects the photos we take from now on.

How to export HEIC as JPEG

Another quite interesting option is to keep the HEIC format and activate a function that makes when transferring our photos to a Mac or PC, these do it in a compatible format. If our Windows PC does not read HEIC files, this option is essential to have it activated:

  1. Enter the iPhone Settings app.
  2. Now to the Photos section.
  3. Scroll down and locate the Transfer to Mac or PC section.
  4. Select Automatic.

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Although the HEIC format brings us many advantages, the incompatibility of this format in many systems can make it not worth having it by default. If this is your case, now you know how to change the format of iPhone photos to JGP.


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