How to delete old chats from the Messages app automatically


If you think you’re wasting a lot of time manually deleting messages, there is a way to automate everything.

Instant messaging on smartphones has been a before and after in remote communication. There are many platforms that are dedicated to offering this service, although Apple has developed its own years ago. The Messages app lets you do everything, including delete old chats automatically on iPhone.

Despite being a great unknown, it has multiple functions and advantages over WhatsApp or Telegram, much more popular options. All you have to know about the Messages app is the ability to delete conversations both manually and automatically.

Why is it advisable to delete old conversations from your mobile

Make no mistake, who has not searched the entire app to hide all those conversations that are no longer useful, whether they are private or in a group. This supposes spend some time going through the whole app and the content of each chat, to see if you really don’t need it.

IOS 15 Messages

What’s new in Messages in iOS 15

Apart from the fact that many users do it for sheer aesthetics and thus have the app cleaner, there is a much more compelling reason that can motivate you to use this function. And it is that the accumulation of many conversations decreases the memory of the terminal. Not only for the number of messages, but for all the photos and all the videos that are stored over time. That is why it is advisable to do a cleaning.

How to delete old chats from the Messages app automatically

Using the function of this free messaging app between iPhone users is not difficult at all. Your goal is automate the deletion of messages and chats to avoid doing it manually. The app itself is responsible for deleting all that content, simply indicating the time limit that may be available in it.

In this way, the oldest part of the message history will disappear, keeping the last conversations so as not to lose the thread with that person. Being a native iOS app, you can imagine the simple steps you will have to follow to activate this option on your iPhone:

  1. Enter the app Settings from your iPhone.
  2. Find the section “Posts“throughout the entire menu.
  3. Among the options there are, click on the one that says “Chat messages“.Keep messages in iPhone Settings
  4. You have multiple periods to choose from, so you can select 30 days, 1 year or “Always”.
  5. When entering this configuration, the system will ask you if you want to delete the oldest messages from the app at once. If you want to do it now, click on the button “Remove“.

With these settings, you will only have in the Messages app the most recent conversations, with the cleanliness and the saving of space that supposes. It also helps you protect yourself in terms of privacy in Messages and that they do not read your messages with other people, although this is the platform that less personal data asks together with Telegram. You only need a phone number, an email (where you can use Hide my Email) and the Apple ID profile to verify that you have an iPhone.

So that in the future you will not have storage problems in the accumulation of messages and multimedia files, you can try to use the Messages app with iCloud. By having your messages and attachments saved in iCloud, you can have more free space on your iPhone when you need it.

Enable Messages in iCloud

How can you do this? Activate the button “Posts“from the menu”iCloud“, which is inside your Apple ID. From that moment on, all the messages you send and receive with the iPhone will be saved in iCloud. Another simple way not to fill your mobile with so many messages and files of conversations.


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