how to display the certificate with an iPhone Shortcut


The Coronavirus pandemic, despite the massive vaccination campaign, requires a document to certify that you do not have the virus and that you can have access to any establishment or venue, even if you want to change country. This is strictly requested by the authorities, but you can show COVID passport quickly with an iPhone Shortcut.

There are apps on your mobile where you have stored your document that proves vaccination for the virus or a negative test for it. However, it is a bit annoying to open the app and look for the PDF file when asked, especially if there are people waiting behind you. Apple has this Shortcut tool on iPhone to show it immediately, and we will tell you how to do it.

How to download the COVID certificate on your iPhone

You can’t show something you don’t have, so the first step is to get the document on your mobile. It is not complicated at all, with completing your data and meeting a couple of requirements, you have free access to that certificate. First you will have to request the certificateEither by the Ministry of Health or by the health app of your Autonomous Community. You have the entire procedure of how to do it from your mobile in the iPadizate tutorial.

So you can request the COVID Digital certificate from your iPhone and have the passport to travel

Once you have requested it, download the certificate from the Ministry or enter the health app of your Autonomous Community to obtain it. As a requirement, you must have a negative PCR test or full vaccination schedule, being the best option to obtain the vaccination certificate, since it is permanent. When you enter the document, the only thing left for you to do is download the PDF file and save it in iCloud Drive, to have it stored on the device.

How to show the COVID passport from a Shortcut and with Siri

Now you have the COVID passport well stored on the iPhone and with all the regulatory documentation. There is only one way to save yourself from searching through the file explorer. This is when the magic comes, which consists of using the Shortcuts tool to have the certificate closer to hand still. From your iPhone, follow these steps to create a shortcut with the COVID passport:

  1. Open the Files app on your iPhone and look for the certificate in the most recent downloads or by the name in which it was saved.
  2. When you locate it, hold down your finger on the document until additional options appear.
  3. Among those shown, press “Share“.
  4. Another menu will appear with various actions to perform, where you will have to select “Share file on iCloud“.Share COVID iPhone certificate
  5. The screen will show you a menu with the different destinations to which you can send the file. In section “Sharing options“, choose “Anyone with the link“so Siri can find the document.
  6. Select the button “Copy link” and again “Copy link“on the next screen. It will already be added in Shortcuts.

Once you have created the shortcut to access the certificate quickly, we are going to make it even easier for you. Thanks to the implementation of Siri with Shortcuts, you can interact with the wizard to show the document for you, without having to touch the mobile screen. This tool allows you to create a recipe or request to Siri, by which you write some keywords that the assistant will follow to carry out the action. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Open Shortcuts on the iPhone.
  2. Create a new shortcut, putting the name that you will mention to Siri to show the certificate. Create passport shortcut COVID iPhone
  3. In the action search bar, type Url and select the option “Url“.
  4. Paste the link to iCloud Drive and click on “To accept“.
  5. Go back to the search engine from step 2 and retype url. This time, choose “Open URL“.
  6. To finish and run the shortcut, grant the system the necessary permissions.

It is important to emphasize that this method can be done in almost all iPhone models. The only requirement is to have the iOS 12 version installed, the first to be compatible with the Shortcuts tool.


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