How to download iOS updates on iPhone without Wi-Fi


Depending on the iPhone you have, you will have to update the device in one way or another.

There are still many users who are reluctant to change the version of the iPhone, especially if they do moderately well. Many others think that it is good to have the system updated so that it does not become obsolete, taking advantage of the software that Apple is launching almost every month. You can even update your iPhone without Wi-Fi, but you may not know how to do it.

Of course, depending on the model you have, you will have to do it one way or another. The point is that Apple did not allow the download of software without connection to a Wi-Fi network on its devices. Although it is also possible to achieve it, as of iPhone 12 there is an option enabled to update iOS easily with mobile data. We will tell you how to do it in each case.

How to update iOS on iPhone 11 and earlier models

In the past, Apple limited software downloads with mobile data for two reasons. The first is that data rates are usually limited, causing the download of such a large file to end up consuming the mobile data on your iPhone that month. The second issue is based on the fact that the mobile data connection is usually slower than that of a Wi-Fi network, slowing down the process.

For these two reasons, Apple did not allow updating with a 3G or 4G connection, at least officially. And there is a way to ‘cheat’ the operating system, one that can be used for many other purposes. A perfect technique if you don’t have an iPhone 12 or higher. We are going to explain step by step what it consists of:

  1. Open the Settings app on iOS.
  2. Go to section “general“.
  3. Click on “Date and Time”.Change date and time on iPhone
  4. If you have “Automatic adjustment”Activated, disable it to be able to configure it manually.
  5. Press on the date and select a different one, the one you want.

As you can see, it is based on changing the date to misalign the system. You don’t have to worry about a problem in iOS, it is simply a temporary measure to download the update with your mobile data.

Once you’ve done that, go back to “general“to enter the section”Upgrades“. If you have an update available, you can click on”Install“without the need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. When you’re done, you can turn the automatic date and time back on.

How to download iOS updates on iPhone without Wi-Fi and with 5G

With the arrival of the iPhone 12, the story changed. The fact of being the first model to include 5G connectivity caused Apple to change this limitation to be able to install iOS on the iPhone with mobile data. The problem in the data rate is still there (unless you have an unlimited plan), but the download speed increases considerably, matching or improving the capacity of the Wi-Fi.

To achieve this, both your mobile phone and your rate must be compatible with this connectivity. Apart from that, you have to check first if 5G is activated and then give it preference for downloading updates:

  1. Enter the app Settings from your iPhone.
  2. Look for the section “Mobile data“within that menu.
  3. Click on the access to “Choices“.
  4. When you enter, go to “Voice and data“.
  5. Choose “5G enabled“.Activate 5G to update iOS on iPhone
  6. When you have verified that it is activated, you have to access “Mobile data options“.
  7. Within that menu, enter the section “Data mode“.
  8. Finally, activate “Allow more data in 5G“.

Update your iPhone from your Mac, without Wi-Fi or mobile data

There is also a possibility to download an update that you have available for iOS without the need for connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data. However, this is a method intended for cases in which your mobile cannot connect to Wi-Fi due to a system failure, since in your computer if you are going to need that internet connection. Or it simply gives you more security by updating it from your computer.

Apart from these two conditions, you must have a Mac connected to the Wi-Fi network to use the Finder or iTunes program, depending on the MacOS version. To carry out the update from the PC, you have to do the following:

  1. Check the version of the system that your Mac has. If you have MacOS Catalina or higher, you can use Finder. In previous versions, use the iTunes program, although both have a similar operation.
  2. Open the Finder or iTunes.
  3. Connect the device to the team.
  4. Select the device in the left sidebar from the program window.Update iOS on iPhone from Mac
  5. Click on “general“and then in”Check for update“.
  6. Click on “Download and update“Follow the instructions on the screen to continue.
  7. If asked, enter the access code.

With all these options to update your iPhone without Wi-Fi, you just have to take into account what is your case. That is, look at the model you have, if you have a problem connecting to a local network, etc. In any case, you are not lacking solutions.


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