How to find phone number on iPhone


There are details that may not seem important to you but, if you are missing, they make you quite scared. How many times have you been left blank to say your phone number? It is an uncomfortable moment that few want to go through, so it is better to write it down somewhere so that those moments do not happen again. Turns out you can find phone number from your iPhone.

The operating system automatically saves this data, once you insert the SIM card in the terminal. We are going to show you the ways that exist to check your number on those occasions when you do not remember or do not say it with great confidence. Gone is calling someone you know so that the call is recorded and can tell you your phone number. There are much simpler ways.

How to know your phone number from the iPhone

As you will not need anyone for this process, everything you need to consult is inside the device. In addition, it is not a very technical or long process, so any user can do it without problem, whatever level you have. The truth is that you have two ways to know your phone number, without having to go around too much.

Both have easy ways to reach your phone number. In one method you do not need to enter Settings, while in the other you do. It is now your decision by which way to consult it:

  • From the app Telephone, go to the section of “Contacts:“Before looking at all your phonebook numbers, the first thing you’ll see there is your name and your number. It couldn’t be easier.

Find iPhone phone number

  • As an alternative method, you can also go to another menu to consult it. Go to Settings, then find and select the section “Telephone“When you walk in, you will see top of the screen your phone number.

Find phone number iPhone settings

There is another situation where the consultation of the contact number can be more crude, and if you need it at that precise moment, you are going to break a sweat. However, there is a solution. If your iPhone turns out to be locked and you can’t access terminal apps, there is also a way to see the number without unlocking the device. To do this, you have to do the following:

  1. On the lock screen, scroll to the lock screen. enter the unlock code.
  2. Click on the emergency call icon (SOS).
  3. Now enter this text string: # 500574663 #.
  4. By tapping on the call icon, will show the phone number on the iPhone.

This is possible because it is a GSM code. It is a Global Communication System that allows to know this data easily and that is highly standardized. Via the SIM card, a connection is established to a base station, which contains information about the user and repeats it to the iPhone to display it on the screen. Like the previous ones, this is a universal method that works on all Apple mobile models, although you must remember this hidden iPhone code well.

Find your phone number through an app

There are also certain apps outside of Apple where your phone number is stored. Of course, be more careful with this, since not all apps have the same level of security to protect this information. However, as a general rule, they are instant messaging apps, so you should not worry too much. You can already imagine what they may be, but we are going to tell you how to check your number in some of them.

Find the number on WhatsApp

In this messaging app you can easily check if you click on the three dots from the upper right corner To access “Setting“. From there, click on the profile photo you have and a menu will be displayed showing the phone number, as well as your name and description.

Find the number on Telegram

In Telegram you have to follow a similar path. Although on this platform the contacts are not found through the phone number, you can quickly access yours. You just have to click on the three horizontal lines icon and a side menu will be displayed, where the number directly appears below your photo.

Find the number on Twitter

In this social network the route is somewhat longer, but it can also be seen in a simple way. Click on your profile photo and a menu will be displayed from the side of the screen. Then enter “Setting“and then in”Your account“. After clicking on”Your account information“You will see the phone number.



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