how to get cash from the ATM with an iPhone


Electronic payment is fashionable, but it is still advisable to carry money with you.

Electronic payment is gaining prominence at all levels, for the convenience of not carrying physical money with you and not having to go to get it. The mobile is one of the most used ways to pay electronically, but if you have an iPhone, it can also be used to withdraw cash from an ATM with Apple Pay.

There are still many establishments that only accept physical payment for various reasons. Therefore, this app allows you to withdraw money quickly, without having to carry the card itself. We are going to explain what you need and how you can get the money with your mobile

Add a credit card to Apple Pay

As you may already know, Apple Pay is a very complete electronic payment tool that, apart from being one more way to pay, has different very interesting utilities. Utilities that have no other services, like a QR code reader to pay without asking for the bill, save receipts or a great coverage of banks and compatible shops.

To withdraw money from an ATM, you need something to enter your account, such as a card or a notebook. What is used the most is the first, so you will need it add a credit card to Apple Pay to be able to operate at the ATM with the iPhone. They can be credit, debit or prepaid cards.

With your Apple ID, your session started in iCloud and with your card compatible with Apple Pay, you must follow these steps:

  1. In the Wallet app, push the button “Add“.
  2. Press “Debit or credit card“. If you already have a card from before, press”Previous Cards“to see the cards that you had previously added to the Wallet app.
  3. Press “Continue“.Add card in Apple Pay
  4. Follow the steps on the screen to add a new card. If asked, choose your bank or issuing entity from the list card or use the search bar to find them.
  5. Verify your information with the bank or the card issuing entity. You may be asked for additional information or need to download an app before your card can be approved for use with Apple Pay.
  6. If you have a paired Apple Watch, you can also add the card to your smart watch.

How to withdraw cash at an ATM with Apple Pay

When you start that Apple Pay setup, what your bank does is generate a virtual card associated with the account that you have in that app. It is the same physical card that you have in your wallet, but inside your mobile. In this way, when you bring the device close to a dataphone, the NFC chip will send the necessary information to make the payment.

What allows this idea to be transferred to an ATM is that many of them already have NFC readers, also known as Contactless. Just as it is used to read physical cards without having to insert them into the slot, it is also capable of detecting mobile phones and identifying them with the user. This reader is usually found next to the keyboard in a black box.

Bring iPhone to ATM with Apple Pay

The process to withdraw physical money with an iPhone consists of go to an ATM with this technology and open Apple Pay on your mobile. Once that is done, bring the device closer to the Contactless reader of the ATM so that it links with the NFC of your iPhone. The system will recognize your account automatically, in the same way as if you had brought the physical credit card closer.

We have explained that an ATM must be compatible with NFC technology to withdraw money with Apple Pay, but it does not have to be that exclusively. It is possible that some ATMs allow you to be identified by SMS message, since several banking entities follow this system.

In other words, you enter your phone number at the ATM and the system sends you an SMS with a code. Next, you write that code so that the cashier identifies you and you can operate. Of course, it is not a method available in many banks, in addition to may carry restrictions depending on the amount you want to withdraw.


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