How to have an empty iPhone screen without icons


There is a trick to have a home screen without any icon on the iPhone.

Apple is not a lover of customization in iOS, however in recent years we have seen how the company little by little has opened its hand. We can now change the iOS icons in a more or less simple way, and we also have custom widgets that allow us to change this home screen in many ways. And now we can have a screen without any type of icon on our iPhone or iPad.

It’s one of those tricks that It is not known very well if it is something done on purpose or it is a mistake, but in the latest versions of iOS it is available, and it allows us to customize the iPhone like never before.

How to create a page without icons on iPhone or iPad

This trick is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad. All you have to do is have your device updated to one of the latest versions of iOS, and then follow these steps:

  1. Long press the home screen until the icons start to vibrate.
  2. Swipe right until you see a page without icons.
  3. Click up on the “+” and add a widget.
  4. Now click down on the points that appear on the Dock.
  5. Hold down on this screen and drag it to the first place.
  6. Press Okay.
  7. Now long press on the widget and delete it.

IPhone home screen without icons

You can have the iPhone home screen without icons

It’s that simple to have a home page on the iPhone without iconsYou will only have the dock ones, which if you want you can make them transparent to give your iPhone a unique touch. You can move this screen without icons to any other place except the last one, since if you do this it will be deleted.

This trick helps us to create a whole page blank and without icons, but we also have other ways to customize the iPhone home screen creating blank spaces and placing the apps where we want the most. iOS does not offer many forms of customization, but with these tricks we can have an almost unique device.



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