How to hide the notch on MacBook Pro


A small change and you would have the MacBook ready without notch.

The notch is a concept that arose for smartphones and that were designed to offer a greater amount of screen in the body of the terminal. Apple has brought this idea to its laptops, although it is a totally optional complement, since it can be hide notch on MacBook easily.

As always happens in this type of daring, it is a design idea that many users find to be successful, but not many others. Therefore, in order to balance the preferences of each one, there are resources that have an option that allows to ‘camouflage’ that notch on the screen. And we will tell you how to do it.

Reasons for Apple to introduce the notch in their laptops

As with most current iPhones, the MacBook Pro has a notch on its screen, this time to house the camera inside the black notch at the top, which is the same thickness as the frame on previous MacBooks. Therefore, they have taken advantage of its presence to make the rest of the edges much thinner, which makes a larger screen.

MacBook Pro display

According to Apple, this change in design has not been a merely decorative reason, but goes much further. The notch is a smart way for notebooks, as it is make more use of space without losing the 16:10 ratio. However, despite the advantages it offers, not all users will want to have this change.

How to hide the notch on your MacBook Pro or Air

It is obvious that this section can only be of interest to those who are not for the work of taking advantage of the notch. To achieve this, you can use an app to hide the notch of the Mac and see the entire top bar in the same way, without notches. There are several alternatives, but the simplest and most popular is TopNotch.

And what is TopNotch? It is a third-party app that makes the notch at the top of the screen disappear. What it does is basically invert the menu bar colors, adopting the same tone of the notch so that it is well integrated.

TopNotch hide notch MacBook

As it is completely black, the rest of the margin is camouflaged with this same color. It takes advantage of a macOS own function, since it has a black bezel when the full screen is used in an app, as a kind of safe area to facilitate its viewing. TopNotch uses the same feature, but throughout the system and permanently.

It is a tool that is implemented very well in macOS, both for the 14-inch MacBook like 16-inch MacBook. In the first place, because all the menus on the bar stay in the same position they were, that is, at the same height of the notch to leave the rest of the screen totally free. What’s more, works great with macOS dynamic backgrounds, with automatic updates for new wallpapers. And if you work with several screens, you will not have operating problems either.

It is only necessary to download the program and install it on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Simply access your web to download TopNotch and open the program when it installs. In a window that will appear on the screen, you can activate the function via a switch. Your download is totally free and it does not suppose hardly weight in the storage.



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