How to pass WhatsApp stickers when switching iPhone


Don’t you want to lose the stickers when you change your mobile? Follow our steps.

Communication in mobile telephony goes beyond an exchange of text between two or more people. One of the most used resources are visuals, which are used above all in a humorous tone. In this tutorial specifically, we are going to explain how pass WhatsApp stickers when switching iPhone.

The instant messaging platform has a backup system to back up all the conversations and files that you have sent through WhatsApp. However, stickers are one of the few items that are not saved to restore the copy to another device. Among other things, because the stickers created in third-party apps are not included in the WhatsApp backup.

It is true that you can store all the sticker packs of your friends in a section of the keyboard called “Favorites“, but once you launch WhatsApp on another mobile, these elements disappear and there is no way to recover them. However, you can anticipate events and save your favorite stickers.

How to export stickers from WhatsApp chats

The first method that you are going to use is through a WhatsApp function. It is about exporting chats to send the stickers to another person or another service to back them up when you switch to an iPhone. Depending on whether you come from Android or another iPhone, you should do the following:

  1. Select the stickers from a chat.
  2. To export the chats, it depends on the operating system:
    • On Android, click on the three vertical dots, go to “Plus“and click on”Export chat“. In the next window, click on”Include files“.
    • On iOS, click on the name of the chat, scroll down to the last option to select “Export chat“.Export WhatsApp chats on iPhone
  3. Finally, choose the destination to send the chats, either Dropbox or Google Drive.

There are certain limitations to this method, as not everything was going to be perfect. Among them, you have to export the chats individually, that is, one by one. Another limitation is that WhatsApp only accepts export up to 10,000 messages, although it is a sufficient number to pass your favorite stickers. In addition, the method is very simple and does not require installing third-party apps.

How to transfer stickers from one mobile to another

This second method is just as simple, but somewhat more rudimentary. Everything consists of creating a new conversation where you can send all the stickers and create a backup to import it into the new iPhone.

You will first have to create that conversation, either through a group where you are alone or by talking to yourself. Then follow these steps:

  1. Create a new chat group or add your phone number.
  2. Look for the stickers section and start sending all content to that chat.
  3. Make the backup of that chat by going to Settings> Chats> Backup.Create WhatsApp iPhone group
  4. On the new mobile, install WhatsApp and restore backup.
  5. Enter the chat with the stickers sent and add to favorites all that you want.

You can also export the stickers in an image, although that has to be from WhatsApp Web. You just have to select them and click on “Copy image“to save it in any editing program on the PC. However, it is a slower and longer process, since they remain as an image to be able to use them in the WhatsApp chat. Therefore, we do not recommend this alternative.

This way you will not lose those wonderful stickers with which you make the rest of your friends laugh on WhatsApp and that you can use in practically any conversation, whatever the topic.



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