How to record iPhone screen with audio


We tell you what the tool is and the steps to follow.

An increasingly popular use in mobile phones is screen recording. It is better implemented in the operating system and allows you to collect more information than a screenshot, especially if it is a video. In this article you can find out how record iPhone screen with audio and with a simple iOS tool.

By recording the screen you can have several applications in your day to day, such as recording videos from Instagram or another social network that your friends cannot see, or to explain something about your mobile to a relative of yours. Thus, you save dozens of screenshots that only take up space on your iPhone.

First, add the recorder to your Control Center

It turns out that iPhones include a native app to record the screen even when turned off, although it has been doing it since iOS 11. In previous versions, it was necessary to have the jailbreak done on the iPhone and access the Cydia repository to download a tool that allowed to record the screen. It was then integrated into the iOS Control Center to quickly access it, although all this process is no longer necessary.

However, it may take a while to find such a tool, although it has a very quick solution. Add the screen recorder to your Control Center and you will already have access to it directly from that panel, which in fact is the only way to use it. To do this, you have to do the following:

  1. Open the app Settings from your iPhone or your iPad, where it is also possible to do it.
  2. Look for the section “Control center“, just below”Notifications“.
  3. Once inside that menu, you have to add the screen recorder to that panel. For that, go to “Customize controls“.Add record iPhone screen in Control Center
  4. When you see a list of icons to add, search for “Screen recording“together with the icon with two red circles. Then, press the” button.+“green to add it.
  5. The interface allows you slide its box and place it in position you want from the Control Center by clicking the three horizontal lines.

Once these steps are completed, you can exit the Terminal Settings, because you will already have the screen recording in the Control Center of your iPhone.

How to record iPhone screen with sound or your voice

Now yes, you can capture the screen in motion with this simple but useful tool. If you deploy the Control Center sliding your finger up the screen, you have a small icon of a white circle surrounded by a white circle, which will be for screen recording.

And how is this used? Well, Apple makes it very easy for you, but we are going to show you step by step how to record the screen to capture a video or whatever you want from your iPhone:

  1. Access the Control center and find the icon that we have indicated to you to record the screen.
  2. Hold down the recorder icon to start capturing the screen.
  3. An animation will appear to start recording with a microphone icon just below. In this step, you have two options: if you only want to record the sound of an app or a video, leave the microphone deactivated; if you also want to add your voice, press the button to activate it.Activate iPhone screen recording
  4. Also, if you leave the microphone deactivated and at the same time have the iPhone in ‘silent mode’, the recording will have no audio.
  5. After the third step, a countdown will begin for recording to begin. In the upper left corner of the screen, you will see the duration of the recording in red.
  6. When you’re done, open the Control Center and hit the red button “Engrave“, or press that red button in the status bar and tap on”Stop“.

After finishing the recording, you can edit the video clip that appears right after the button “Edit” or in the app Photos. From there, you can trim the dimensions of the video, its duration, or apply filters. They are not many options, but they are appreciated.


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