how to save a copy when paying at a store


The phrase “Please, give me the copy of the purchase”, has the days numbered.

Buying in an establishment or trade complies with a routine that has been maintained over many years. That is, you take the product, go to the checkout, pay for the purchase and receive a ticket as proof. However, this last step may be optional, as the receipts in Apple Pay can be saved automatically in the app.

This Apple tool, apart from serving as a method for electronic payment and for withdrawing cash from the ATM, allows you to store information about the purchases you make, such as the receipt. You no longer have to keep the paper for several weeks in case you have to return the product to the store or for any other claim. You will have it automatically and virtually on your mobile, and we will explain how to do it.

Is this receipt valid instead of the paper copy?

When you read that this is possible, the first question that will arise is whether this is legal or not valid. It is evident that you want a guarantee to be able to claim anything from the store where you made the purchase, although in this case you should not worry. The proof that Apple Pay keeps is totally legal and valid.

We do not say it, it is that by regulation It is no longer necessary to ask for the receipt of each purchase. With the advancement of electronic payment, where the Contactless system allows cards or mobiles to be passed through a reader to make purchases, the purchase remains virtually registered and no paper is needed.

Apple pay

According to Bank of Spain card payment guide, it is only advisable to order it for check that the purchase amount is correct and that the establishment has not been wrong. However, this can already be verified on the dataphone before paying or even asking for an electronic ticket. A) Yes, you will also help to conserve the environment saving on paper.

From the iPhone Wallet app, you can see a record with all the details of the purchases, both the amount and the balance remaining in your account after payment. For more security, generate a receipt for possible problems with the purchased product.

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How Apple Pay saves receipts when paying at a store

“No, I don’t need a copy.” You can now calmly say that phrase when you pay electronically in any store, because it really has no value to save a paper ticket. It is a management that is possible in more apps apart from Apple Pay, such as bank platforms.

Apart from seeing the transactions carried out, each operation contains a receipt of the statement that is fully valid to present it as a claim. However, it is easier to see all the information of the banking entities in Apple Pay, since it allows store all the cards you have in one place. Apart from the summary record with all card purchases, the way to look at the receipt is as follows:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone. Remember to be logged into iCloud with your Apple ID to be able to access.
  2. If you have your card registered in the app, simply select the one you want to consult.Check purchase receipt in Apple Pay
  3. They will appear to you all movements that you have been doing in chronological order.
  4. Choose a transaction any. It will take you to a more detailed menu.
  5. From there you can check the purchase amount, date and time, in addition to the numbering of the card of origin.

With that it is enough to claim a return or an exchange on any product. Note that all electronic payments are traceable, so it serves as one more proof of purchase. All of this information that appears in the Wallet app is not shared with Apple. The company is on the sidelines of its users’ transactions.


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