How to see your Netflix password on iPhone

TheiCloud KeychainfeatureiPhoneApple users can save different types of information in the cloud. This includes login details for services that require authentication and passwords.

One of them isNetflixIt is possible to retrieve the password from your mobile device or any other device that has it logged in with the same Apple account in the event of an accidental forgetting or loss. This article will show you how to get this information.

How to find your Netflix password on iPhone

  1. Verify that the iCloud Keychain feature has been turned on. Go toSettingsClick on the link to view your profile.
  2. Then, tap oniCloudSelect theKeychainOption.
  3. Next, activateiCloud Keychain.
  4. Return to theSettingsScreen and tap onPasswords.
  5. Tap on to
Netflix password on iPhone

How to get your Netflix password directly from your computer

You have probably logged in to Netflix from your browser if you are a frequent Netflix user. It is possible to forget your password if you use a different browser.Google Chrome. It is possible to see login data and passwords for sites like Spotify, Netflix, and Spotify thanks to its password manager. This:

  1. Click theChrome settings menuSelect (three vertical dots icon).Settings.
  2. Scroll down to theAutofillSection and clickPasswords.
  3. InPasswords savedLocateNetflixClick the Show password icon for any service you wish to see the access password.

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