How to update iOS on your iPhone wirelessly

Upgrade your iPhone to get performance improvements and new iOS features.

Every iOS update includes performance and security improvements, as well as new functions and security features. This statement includes, among other things, Siri’s inclusion, activation via iCloud and the dark mode.

Apple releases iOS updates quite often, some of which are more important than others. However, it is best to install the update as soon as possible. You can do this wirelessly or via iTunes. Both are very simple to do. These are the steps.

How to update iOS wirelessly on your iPhone

  1. Go toSettings>General.
  2. TapSoftware updatesClick here to continue to search for the latest update.
  3. Tap to check for an IOS upgradeDownload and installFollow the instructions.

How to update iPhone via iTunes

  1. First, download and install iTunes.
  2. Connect the iPhone to your computer via USB by opening iTunes.
  3. Click on the icon to activate iTunes.
  4. Click the button that appears on the screen.Keep checking for new updates.
  5. Click here to see if there’s an update.Download and install.

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