How to visit a blocked website in your country from your iPhone, iPad or Mac


There are different totally legal methods to access blocked websites in your territory.

You are about to enter your favorite web page to read news, listen to music or play multimedia content when suddenly … an error message appears stating that “Safari cannot open the web page because it cannot find the server”. Yes, sometimes it may be due to a network problem, but it is very likely that the website is blocked in your country.

If this has ever happened to you, you will like to know that it is possible to bypass this limitation. And there is not only one way to do it, but there are different methods for it. What’s more, these little tricks for access blocked web pages they work perfectly on iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

Join us in this tutorial to discover these ways to visit blocked websites and find out which is your favorite or which is the most suitable for your use of web browsing.

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How to visit a website even if it is blocked in your country from iPhone, iPad and Mac

There are various reasons why the government, universities, network administrators or telephone operators can block a website. It may be because it is adult content, for political reasons or sites related to very controversial issues.

In China, to mention one example, the government blocks social networks to prevent and / or censor the publication of political content and to promote the services of native companies.

Fortunately, there are completely legal to access blocked websites in your country from iPhone, iPad and Mac. We begin.

1. Use VPN

This is probably the most popular method to avoid one of the most uncomfortable problems of using your Apple device: using VPN services to access blocked web pages. It is also possibly the fastest, most comfortable and most effective way. In addition, you can choose a free option or a paid option.

VPN services simply hide your IP and simulate web browsing from another territory. Therefore, you will be able to navigate with much more freedom on a website that is blocked in your country.

There are many websites and many VPN apps on the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS App Store. The vast majority of them work perfectly and some even offer you a free trial period so that you can check for yourself that access to that blocked website that you need so much is done without problems.

Using an application to activate VPN services on your iPhone, iPad or Mac is very simple. You should only download it, select a country and install the profile in your device settings. Normally the installation is completely automatic, so you will not require previous knowledge on the subject. Now, remember to disable the VPN when you are not going to use it.

Here we leave you a good recommendation from the App Store to use VPN on your device.

We have collected some very interesting points that warn us from iDownloadBlog for you to keep in mind when using VPN on your iPhone, on your iPad or on your Mac:

  • Browsing the web with a VPN considerably reduces your internet speed.
  • When you connect a VPN, the word “VPN” will appear in the status bar of your device and in the Control Center.
  • Remember to cancel your subscription plan for VPN applications from the App Store if you do not want to continue using it.

2. Change DNS

Another of the most interesting options when it comes to skipping the restriction of blocked websites is to change the DNS. And what do these acronyms mean? DNS refers to Domain Name System, that is, Domain Name System.

Changing the DNS will not only allow you to access a blocked website, but it will also allow you to navigate in a much more efficient way. safe. And yes, again, it is a reliable and legal method.

To change your DNS on a Mac computer, on your iPhone phone or on the iPad tablet, simply download this Cloudfare app, install the profile in your terminal, connect and open Safari or any other web browser.

3. Use Google Translate

This way to enter blocked web pages is our favorite and by far. Not because it is the simplest process of all (which too), but because it is a great trick that very few users know and why not? It is also very fun. And we assure you it works!

If you want to visit a blocked website in your country with Google Translate, follow these steps. It will take just a few seconds and works on mobile phones as well as on PCs and Macs.

one. Visit the web

two. Then just type in the URL you want to access.

3. Click on the “translated” URL and that’s it.


Access a website from Google Translate.

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4. Use web browsing applications

There are also some special web browsing applications with which you can access blocked websites without problem and many of them are free.

From iPadízate we recommend Puffin – ideal for playing flash content – and TOR VPN. They work like a charm!

5. Use Proxy sites

Finally, another option that we recommend is to use the services of Proxy websites. You don’t need a VPN or anything similar for it. Just use a Proxy to interact as an intermediary between you and the blocked website to represent another user.

You will be able to use Proxy sites like KProxy on iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. Follow these simple steps to avoid restricting a blocked website:

one. Visit the web KProxy.

two. Enter the URL of the blocked website.

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These have been the best alternatives to enter web pages that are blocked in your country. The operating process of these methods is very simple, but if you have any questions, we invite you to consult them in the comments and on our social networks. Happy freedom, netizen!



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