IPhone GPS Failure: How to Calibrate It Again


We give you the possible solutions before you call Apple support.

Very little happens, but elements such as GPS or Wi-Fi are elements that can fail on mobile devices. It is clear that they are very important components for the day to day, so a malfunction is also a serious problem for the user. If you have, in this case, a iPhone GPS glitch, we may have the solution.

Before going to Apple’s technical support, try some solutions that we are going to propose. It is also crucial to know the possible origins of this problem, so that you can apply the most appropriate solution without being blind.

Reasons for this problem in the GPS

In this sense, there is good news and bad news. The good is that almost never comes from a hardware problem, so it is not a change of the piece. It is possible, but unlikely. The bad news is that the origin of the problem in the software can be very diverse, so you must be patient when it comes to finding the fault.

It is usually quite exasperating because you do not know if it is a problem with mobile data, the app you are using or some function of the system that is not allowing the geolocation of the iPhone to work well.

The most common problems when GPS fails can translate into no location sign, the GPS does not move on the screen, shows wrong location or the compass does not show the direction well. If you have some of these pathologies, it means that this item is not working well on your iPhone.

Removing or discarding cases of interference, inhibitors, dead zones where the GPS signal does not reach or drops of the terminal that can affect the state of the physical component, everything else comes from the software.

How to Calibrate and Fix GPS Failure on iPhone

Although the reasons may be diverse, the solution to tackle the problem is mainly to restore the GPS, both in its operation and in its settings. This is a trial and error method, so we are going to raise all the options so that you can try each one, until one of them takes effect.

Try Airplane mode

Airplane mode

Airplane mode is a function that allows you to disconnect all wireless connections from the terminal in a single action. Although it seems like a minor gesture, activating and deactivating this function allows you to restart connections, including the GPS. Thus, it forces the system to search for your location again.

To activate it, you simply have to access the Control Center of your iPhone and press the Airplane mode button of the interface. You can also choose to go to Settings and select Airplane mode to activate your switch.

Check GPS access permissions

Activate location permissions

It may be that, for some reason, system access permissions to GPS may be disabled. The reason may be in the installation of an app or in a deactivation by mistake, so it is good to review this setting. Obviously, it must be activated on both iOS and the navigation app you want to use.

First, to activate the system permissions you have to enter the app Settings. Next, click on “general“, Then in “Privacy“and finally access”Location“When the switch is activated, you can configure the permission to the different apps from that menu, where the GPS access can also be deactivated.

Each app has several options. If you are with the option “Never“That app can’t access the GPS, that’s why you have to opt for other options. So much”Activate GPS if the app is in use” What “Exact location“are valid options to avoid problems with localization.

Reset GPS settings

Reset GPS Settings

Another solution is to restore all the settings you had on the GPS. This helps to reset your settings, thus eliminating any anomalies. It is a more advanced step than simply activating and deactivating the location, so it can serve as a possible solution to your problems.

You just have to access the Settings app again and go to the section “general“Then go into”Restore“and click on”Reset location and privacy“. If you see that it doesn’t work, you can also try the option”.Reset network settings“, located in the same menu.

What if the Maps app crashes?

Apple Maps Favorites

If your case is that the GPS fails only in the Apple Maps app, then the the same application has a problem. If the results of your searches are incorrect or you cannot find your location, there is a possibility to correct the operation of Maps.

The first thing is to check that you have the access permissions activated, option that we have given you in the second solution. If that setting is activated, then check that you have activated “Automatic adjustment“of the date and time. You should know that if the terminal is not in the corresponding time slot, the GPS will begin to fail in the location.

Speaking of apps, others that can cause GPS malfunctions are VPN apps. They are precisely designed to deceive your location and, if you have one active, it may be modifying your location in another app.

Remember that when you make all these adjustments to try to fix GPS errors, reboot iPhone so that all changes are well implemented. It is a recommendation that we make you strongly, since many users do not.


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