iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes – Solved

In the event that the iPhone isn’t working, and a notice is displayed in your iPhone screen with a need to connect it to iTunes Don’t be alarmed.

What is the reason my iPhone disabled?

It is likely that the issue is because you’ve tried unlocking it with the wrong code several times. However, there is an answer, but it is possible to lose all the data saved on your iPhone in the event that you don’t have an backup copy.

How do solve “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”

To do this, you need the Windows or Mac computer running the latest version of the iTunes program. The program will restore your iPhone to its default settings and allow you to set up an unlock PIN from scratch or set the security feature you want to use.

The only requirement needed for this process to be successful is that you keep the iCloud password for the iPhone in the event that you’ve set it up that way. We will then explain in detail what steps you need to take.

  1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer with it’s USB cable.
  2. Next step getting it to recovery mode
    For iPhone 8 and later on iPhone 8 and higher, use the volume up button and then hit the button to turn down volume. Then, hold and press the side button for as long as you need to until the device is restarted and shows the screen in recovery mode.
    If you have an iPhone 7, hold and press the side button or hold the button to turn down volume simultaneously until you can see the screen for recovery mode appear.
    For the iPhone 6s and older models, hold and press the home button as well as the button at the top (or the side button) simultaneously until you’re able to see the screen for recovery appear.
  3. Then, go to iTunes and be attentive to the pop-up display at the top of the page. Choose from the option to restore. option.
  4. Take a couple of seconds to allow iTunes to upload the latest telephone software, and then install. When you’ve completed the process, your iPhone will be restored to default settings.

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