‘There was an error saving this video’: how to fix it on iPhone


Reasons for this error that appears in some users and how to solve it quickly.

The stability and fluidity of iOS is undoubted, with a very low failure rate. But life is not always a bed of roses, and among so many mobile phones sold around the world, certain errors can appear, some more common than others. The message ‘There was an error saving this video’ creates a lot of uncertainty among some users.

There have been several cases in which a message appears when entering the Photos app on the iPhone. An error to which the system does not propose any solution other than to try again later. The surprise is that the error reappears. If it happens to you, we will show you the reasons and how to solve it.

Why does this error message appear on iPhone

Without any prelude, you go to the Photos app and select a video. When you want to do some kind of editing, such as cropping it or adding an element to it, that aforementioned message appears without you being able to do anything. The system only allows you to click on “OK” and go back to the gallery.

After trying again and again, you see that the message does not stop appearing and without iOS proposing a solution. This error, which is not very standardized, does have certain reports from some users. The origin can be diverse, although there are two more specific reasons that come close to this error.

Edit video error on iPhone

First of all, you should know that the Photos app cannot edit all the videos in the world. If you use that default iOS app to edit videos, you have to know its limitations. This is because you want to just trim the video frames that are used as codec checkpoints. When trying to cut or edit one of them, the Photos app won’t let you do it and displays this error message.

It is something so obvious that it is even absurd, but it is like that. Another reason may be that the video has not been downloaded correctly, either due to the internet connection or the source of the video. To check the download of the video, you have to check the iCloud settings, which we are going to explain to you below.

How to fix ‘There was an error saving this video’

The good news is that there is a solution and that there are also several. Some of them are more absurd than you think, but you will never guess if you do not know them. First, you have to differentiate the origin of the error to know which solution you should apply, although they are all very simple to do.

If it turns out that you edit everything with the Photos app, the problem is related to this tool. In allusion to what we have explained about the frames, a temporary arrangement may be to trim the video from other points in it. Therefore, if when cutting or editing a video the error appears, change the cut point.

Crop video on iPhone

To avoid this failure in the long term, you will have to choose to download a third-party app that does not have this limitation. In the App Store there are many alternatives to edit videos, so you will have no problem choosing the one that most catches your attention. We leave you some options so that you have an idea:

  • FilmoraGo.
  • iMovie.
  • Reel Director.
  • Animoto Videos.
  • Vintage Video Maker.
  • Camera Plus Pro.

All these video editing apps are highly rated in the App Store and are one of the best options to download on your iPhone. The iOS Photos app is great, but if you edit videos frequently, maybe it’s time to switch.

Check the video download on iCloud

As we have told you before, it can also be a failure at the time of download, which has made it impossible to save the video correctly on the device. The solution is to check if you have activated the iCloud photos function. It allows you to store all the videos you download and keep them updated on all your Apple devices.

And is that if you change iPhone or use an iPad to edit the video, this error can perfectly appear if you do not activate the iCloud function. To check if you have it activated, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Settings and click on your Apple ID.
  2. Click on “iCloud“.
  3. Tap on “Photos“and then activate”ICloud Photos“.

Disable iCloud to delete iPhone photos

The only downside is that iCloud stores all that content in its original quality. However, you can reduce that size that is generated to save space on the platform. You just have to go into Settings, click on your name and go back to “iCloud“. Next, click on”Photos“and select”Optimize storage“.


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