What is and how does the App Store work?


We tell you everything you need to know about the Apple application store.

The iPhone, iPad and other devices in the Apple ecosystem contain a large number of applications installed by default. The vast majority of them turn out to be very useful, while on the other hand there are other applications – such as Stock Market, Compass or Measurements – that are hardly used daily by users.

Among all these applications there is one, and only one, that stands out considerably with respect to the rest of them. We are talking about the App Store, since thanks to it Apple users can download and install their favorite applications.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the App Store, how it works, how to download and install apps, and all the information and settings it provides to Apple users.

Apple has until December 9 to make a major change to the App Store

What is the App Store?

App Store on iPhone

If we had to define the Apple App Store in a simple and fast way, we could say that it is “an app app”. Technically, we would define it as a digital software distribution platform.

Basically, for anyone who is not familiar with the subject, it is an application that offers you the possibility of downloading other applications to have them installed on your device.

The App Store is available on all operating systems and on all Apple computers. You can find it in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and even tvOS.

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How does the App Store work?

App Store 2021

If the App Store is important, so are application developers. Both are fed back and one could not exist without the other. The developers are in charge of creating and the App Store is in charge of distributing.

The operation of the App Store is very simple: developers publish their creations in the App Store, users download applications providing benefits to developers and finally Apple receives a 30% commissionAlthough lately this has caused a lot of criticism and misunderstandings with developer companies such as Spotify or Epic Games.

Of course, Apple has set a series of limits to keep the security of its systems and the privacy of its users safe. For example, there are certain categories of applications that are prohibited such as vaping applications, cryptocurrency mining applications or emulators of other systems. In this way, the company with the bitten apple logo makes sure that there is no type of malware.

In addition, before publishing an application in the App Store, developers see how their creations are subjected to an exhaustive control by the workers of the platform in order that each and every one of them comply with the regulations.

Allowing the installation of apps on the iPhone without going through the App Store is “opening Pandora’s box”

How to download and install applications from the App Store?

If we recently explained to you in great detail how to solve the most uncomfortable situations of Apple’s mobile operating system or how to know exactly what is the size of the applications that you download from the App Store, this time we will focus on offering you as much information as possible on how search, download and install apps from the Apple App Store.

To do this, we will first start by mentioning each and every one of the sections available in the App Store.

The “Today” main screen

App tab

Tab of a game from the App Store.

This area of ​​the application shows us a series of articles in which Apple recommends lists of applications and games to download. In addition, on many occasions they delight us with interviews with developers, tips for specific applications and many more curiosities about the App Store. Of course, in each of the articles you will have at your disposal buttons to download the apps from the App Store.

In the upper right corner of the main screen we find an icon with our Apple ID profile photograph – or, failing that, with the initials of our name. If we click on the avatar we will access our list of downloaded applications, all subscriptions, personalized recommendations, application updates and a panel to redeem codes or gift cards, send gift cards or add balance to our account.

The games and applications section


Application categories.

These two sections are indicated to download all those applications and games that we want to find. Since in these categories we will have the possibility to see lists of applications sorted by categories and compilations with the best apps of the moment.

On the other hand, in the games and apps sections we can also find applications that are about to be launched in the iOS and iPadOS App Store, by clicking on them we can reserve them before they land on the platform.

Apple arcade

apple arcade

This section of the menu refers only to the games and applications available on Apple Arcade, Apple’s streaming video game platform. There are more than 180 games available that we can access through a monthly subscription of 4.99 euros.

Look for

Look for

Finally, the App Store also gives us access to a search section in which we will have the ability to search for specific applications. Of course, the section delights us with suggestions and recommendations.

Entering an application file in the App Store …

An app file

When you are going to download an application in the App Store, its file appears in which the app store provides us with a very good amount of information about it. At the top we have the title and name of the developer company and, just below, a blue button with the text “Get” (or the price of the app) with which we can download it on our iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple TV or Apple Watch. The download method is very simple, the first time we will have to write the password for our Apple ID account, the rest of the time it will work with Touch ID or Face ID. Once the application is downloaded, it will automatically install on your device.

The app download tab of the App Store also provides information such as the ratings of other users, the recommended age range, its classification in the category to which it belongs, language and the size it occupies. There is also a description of the application, screenshots and even demo videos on the tab. Finally, we find data about the developer and news of the latest update versions.



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